This photo is taken with Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
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  1. Beautiful shot and amazing to get such a good one with a mobile phone camera.

  2. Dramatic clouds make the whole view so dramatic!! Awesome capture!!

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  3. It is amazing indeed the terrific captures your can achieve with a good cell phone! Gorgeous sky and clouds! Have a great weekend, Rune!


  4. Beautiful scenery and capture with your cellphone!

    Happy SWF.

  5. Great shot for a camera phone..very nice cloud formations and I see the hay is all baled and wrapped and ready to take into the barns or storage sheds.

  6. beautiful SkyWatch photo

  7. such an idyllic photo rune…lovely.

  8. Thank you very much for this great escape back home during the night. Please have a wonderful Friday.

    daily athens

  9. Beautiful scenery and sky. Happy skywatching!

  10. So nice to see your smiling eyes on the side bar.

    Lovely shot with your wide open sky. In Austria they call thiese silage bales 'farmer's Mozarella'…..I wonder why?

  11. A wonderful pastoral shot – the wide sky is very beautiful.

  12. What a wonderful scene. Well done.

  13. A haunting atmosphere in this beautiful scene!

  14. amazing sky!! You took this with your cell phone? Wow, great shot!

  15. The tone of this photo is fantastic! My phone is a sony ericson too but I don't think it can take such a beautiful photo ;-D

  16. Feels like peaceful and beautiful. Gorgeous photo.

  17. It's a beautiful shot of a lovely, pastoral scene. 🙂

  18. That is a lovely shot, beautiful and so pieceful. Thinking of changing my phone to an Ericson now!

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